Introducing Education by the Numbers

The fetishization of data has hit both education and journalism. And that’s why I’m starting this datablog. My aims are many. I plan to list and summarize which data sets and studies are available on certain education topics as a resource for journalists and other lay people. I’d like to write about interesting people who are crunching education data. And I will write about new data studies or stories about the use of data. At times, I will try my own hand at some data analysis and graphs.

Most of all, my aim is to become educated enough about education data to develop ideas for data projects. I’m convinced the way to become a new-fangled data journalist is to start getting messy with numbers.

I’m new at this. I’ve been an old-fashioned print and radio reporter for 20 years. I have a few graduate courses in statistics under my belt. From that experience, it seems to me that data analysis is a group. At a minimum, it’s helpful to have a partner to check your work and find your mistakes. So this will be an experiment in flying solo. I’m hoping readers will comment and criticize like peer reviewers. I will keep refining and editing as we go along. <Read more.>

Via Jill Barshay, The Hechinger Report.