Conference Guilt

Each year there are three large national gatherings for community-college professionals: the League for Innovation conference, the American Association of Community Colleges convention, and the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development conference.

As a “Two-Year Track” columnist and blogger for The Chronicle, not to mention a community-college lifer, I try to participate in those gatherings whenever possible. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to attend the first two on several occasions, and in May I made it to my first Nisod conference.

I say “fortunate” partly because I feel lucky whenever I can get together with so many like-minded colleagues and hear what they have to say, but also because, in recent years, attending any conference has been problematic due to sharp cuts in my college’s travel budget. I was able to attend the Nisod meeting this spring—where I had been invited to participate on a panel—only because conference organizers helped defray some of my expenses. <Read more.>

Via Rob Jenkins, The Chronicle of Higher Ed.