All I Really Need to Know About Collaboration I Learned in Kindergarten

It’s mid-August, and here in New Orleans that means this week is the first week of school for most students.

Specifically, I’ve got Kindergarten on the brain. Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch 75 six-year-olds step off the school bus and, with pride and a bit of hesitation, follow their teachers into bright and welcoming classrooms to begin their formal academic journey.

As a former high school teacher, I couldn’t help but think about the skills these young people would be practicing throughout the year – skills like collaboration and team-building we learn at a young age that serve us well over and over again throughout our adult life.

Before I go any further, two quick notes. First, thank you Rick for sharing your soapbox with me for the next few days. I’m humbled by the invitation. Second, a shout-out to all those who blog with regularity. I don’t maintain my own blog, and every time I’m invited to guest blog, I’m reminded about how hard it is to actually write something that will challenge conventional wisdom, provoke debate, and/or inspire action. Exhibit A: the first few drafts of this post. There is, after all, a reason I majored in Computer Science – those 40-page theses my English-major friends were writing were seriously intimidating.

Truth be told, those first few drafts of this post bore the title “Teaching is a Team Sport: Best Practices for Teacher Collaboration.” Snore, I know. How many times have we been subjected to that article already?

So, here’s my commitment to you… <Read more.>

Via Jennifer Medbery, Education Week.