Moravian College Will Market Itself as an All-Apple Campus

A college established in 1742 by a Protestant sect devoted to unity is turning to a new-age orthodoxy: It’s becoming an all-Apple campus.

Moravian College, located about an hour north of Philadelphia in Bethlehem, Pa., will provide each member of its 2014 freshman class with a new MacBook Pro and a new iPad. Faculty members will receive the same devices as their current machines come due for replacement.

Michael P. Wilson, director of public relations and marketing at Moravian, said the plan would be financed by increasing tuition. The exact figures are now being worked out, but Moravian’s new president, Bryon L. Grigsby, said the change should increase tuition by about $1,000.

A new 13-inch MacBook sells for $1,199, while a 16G iPad 3 costs $499. The college plans to buy in bulk for members of next year’s freshman class—about 400 students—as well as for the first wave of faculty members. The students will own the devices and will be able to take them out into the professional world after they graduate. <Read more.>

Via Hannah Winston, The Chronicle of Higher Education.