Army Suspends R.O.T.C. Closings at 13 Universities

The Army told 13 universities this week that it would step back from a plan to shutter their Reserve Officers’ Training Corps programs, disrupting a strategy that had been promoted as an effort to refocus the military’s recruiting amid demographic shifts.

In a document sent to members of Congress on Wednesday evening, the Army said it had “suspended the closure” of the programs and had placed them on “probationary status.”

Lt. Col. Paul R. Haverstick, a spokesman for the Army Cadet Command, said in a statement that the military was “working to define the parameters of that status.”

The decision came five weeks after the Cadet Command stunned the universities, most of them in the South and outside major metropolitan areas, when it announced that it would close their R.O.T.C. programs in 2015, a change that would have forced some cadets to alter their plans for higher education and military service. <Read more.>

Via Alan Blinder, The New York Times.