Minority Groups View College More Favorably Than Whites

Blacks and Hispanics are more hopeful than whites about the value of a college education and the influence of education on improving the economy, according to a new report.

The findings of the most recent Next America Poll, from a survey conducted last month by the College Board and National Journal and released at an event here on Thursday, reveal shifting attitudes toward the importance of a college education and sometimes sharply divergent views of higher education along racial and ethnic lines. The survey is part of National Journal’s Next America project, which explores the political, social, and economic impact of demographic change on the nation, with a focus on education.

Most respondents to the latest poll consider college to be an important step in building a successful life. But that favorable view of college, while still prevalent, is slipping: Though 52 percent of all respondents said young people today need a four-year college degree to be successful, that share marked a decrease of nine percentage points from last year’s poll. <Read more.>

Via Libby Sander, The Chronicle of Higher Education.