University Adjuncts Are Often Denied a Share of Shared Governance

Adjuncts remain largely excluded from faculty senates at most research universities, according to a groundbreaking study of which types of instructors can serve on such bodies.

Among the more than 100 research universities examined in the study, about two-thirds had faculty senates that were off-limits to adjunct instructors who had less than half the workload of a full-time faculty member.

The remainder of institutions were fairly evenly split between those with faculty senates that were much more open to non-tenure-track faculty members and those with faculty senates that more rigidly excluded them. About a sixth of the universities examined had faculty senates open to any adjunct faculty member, regardless of workload, while the faculty senates at another sixth precluded any adjunct involvement and were restricted to tenured or tenure-track professors. <Read more.>

Via Peter Schmidt, The Chronicle of Higher Education.