I’m Queer. Am I a Diversity Hire?

In the United States, queer rarely counts as a “diversity identity” for the purposes of hiring. I understand this is not the case in Canada, where it does. Another reason to love Canada. But in the United States, what we call “diversity” usually still just refers to race.

This doesn’t mean that your background as queer—or as a working-class candidate, a first-generation college student, or an international scholar—can’t make you feel like a fish out of water in most aspects of academia or profoundly impact the way that you teach and research. It’s just that your status isn’t likely to generate any particular attention or hiring preference during the search itself, unless it has been specifically mentioned in the job ad.

However, if you feel that your background is central to your identity as a candidate, it is still valuable to reference that in your job documents, in some meaningful way. <Read more.>

Via Karen Kelsky, Vitae (The Chronicle of Higher Education)