California Black College Student Achievement Caught in Persistent Opportunity Gap

The baccalaureate degree attainment rates comparing African-American and White students in California fell by just one percentage point from an 18.7-point gap in 2000 to a 17.7-point gap in 2011. This achievement gap is one of several highlighted by a Los Angeles-based higher education advocacy group in a new report on Black student college completion and achievement.

On Thursday, the Campaign for College Opportunity (CCO) organization released “The State of Blacks in Higher Education in California: The Persistent Opportunity Gap” research report, which details the lack of noteworthy progress of Blacks in California higher education. “Across all three public sectors of higher education—the California Community Colleges, California State University, and University of California—Blacks have the lowest completion rates for both first-time freshmen and transfer students,” the report states.

“Our report did find that gaps between Blacks and other ethnic groups in college-going and attainment have unfortunately remained virtually unchanged for more than a decade,” CCO executive director Michele Siqueiros said Thursday during a webinar event. “In some cases, [gaps] have worsened.” <Read more.>

Via Ronald Roach , Diverse Issues in Higher Education.