Majority of College-Bound Students Select Wrong Majors

Selecting a major is a difficult decision for most students as it outlines their academic trajectory, defines their early career paths, and can even lock them into a particular field. It also has major consequences for higher education institutions as enrollment managers and admissions officers must effectively evaluate majors that are the right fit for students, and programs must predict the demand for enrollment into particular “popular majors” and provide the infrastructure to support those numbers.

According to a recent study released by ACT, College Choice Report Part 1: Preferences and Prospects, nearly 80% of high school students taking the ACT selected a major they intended to declare in college. However, 64% of those students choose a major that did not fit with their academic strengths and interests. Gender played a role in selecting a major, as more females (82%) than males (77%) had planned their college majors. <Read more.>

Via Olivia M. Blackmon, Diverse Issues in Higher Education.