Community College Grapples With Ways to Help Students Without Housing

Quaris Carter, now 37, moved to Philadelphia from Houston in 2010, believing he could find work as an electrician. When that didn’t work out, he wound up living on the streets. He enrolled at Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) in 2012, using $30 he earned for giving blood to pay the application fee.

Carter, who is entering his third semester at the college, said he could think of no other way to break out of the poverty and chronic homelessness that has been his lot for the past three years.

“If this doesn’t work, I just don’t know of any other way,” said Carter.

People aren’t surprised to see homeless people huddled for warmth on steam grates or panhandling on street corners. Most people don’t expect to see homeless individuals sitting in college classrooms with books open and pens poised. Yet a growing number of college undergraduates are pursuing their degrees without the assurance they will have a roof over their heads. <Read more.>

Via Earni Young, Diverse Issues in Higher Education.