Some Schools Working Through MLK Holiday

While most public colleges and universities will be closed today to honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a number of private and religious-affiliate schools across the country will be open for business, much to the chagrin of some faculty and students.

“It’s very disappointing,” says Steven McFarland, a junior at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and co-president of the Swarthmore African American Student Society. “This day is about what Swarthmore is about, social justice. That is why I came here.”

The Philadelphia native says that, for more than a decade, student leaders have, without much success, called on administrators to postpone classes until after the holiday.

Mark Anskis, a spokesman for Swarthmore, says that Dr. Collin Williams Jr., a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, will speak at a breakfast this morning on campus and that the university will honor the lives of three generations of Swarthmore African-American men, including Paul Cato, a student leader who is scheduled to graduate in May. <Read more.>

Via Jamal Watson, Diverse Issues in Higher Education.