Obama Questions Value of Art-History Degrees

President Obama left some in higher education feeling slighted on Thursday, when he said during a speech in Wisconsin that young people could make more money in skilled manufacturing than with art-history degrees.

Mr. Obama’s speech was intended to highlight his administration’s approach to work-force training, which was a key theme of his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

His dig at art-history degrees drew a laugh from the crowd in Wisconsin, but he quickly softened his criticism, saying there was “nothing wrong with an art-history degree, I love art history.”

Linda Downs, executive director of the College Art Association, posted the following response to Mr. Obama’s comments: <Read the rest of the story.>

Via Nick DeSantis, The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Linda A. Downs, executive director and chief executive of the College Art Association, a professional group that includes art historians and artists who teach at colleges, shared her reaction with The Chronicle.