Pay For Veteran Teachers ‘Painfully Low’ in States Like Colorado, Where Truckers Earn More

A new report on teacher pay finds that base salaries in some states are so “painfully low” for mid- and late-career teachers that truckers and sheet-metal workers earn more.

The report by the nonprofit Center for American Progress, titled “Mid- and Late-Career Teachers Struggle With Paltry Incomes,” says that many veteran teachers must work a second job to earn enough money to meet their basic needs.

How low are the base salaries for veteran teachers? According to the report:

  • In  Colorado, teachers with a graduate degree and 10 years of experience make less than a trucker in the state.
  • In Oklahoma, teachers with 15 years of experience and a master’s degree make less than sheet metal workers.
  • In Georgia, teachers with 10 years of experience and a graduate degree make less than a flight attendant in the state.

Furthermore, the report says:

  • Teachers with 10 years of experience who are family breadwinners often qualify for a number of federally funded benefit programs designed for  families needing financial support. We found that mid-career teachers who head families of four or more in multiple states such as Arizona and North Dakota qualify for several benefit programs, including the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the School Breakfast and Lunch Program. What’s more, teachers have fewer opportunities to grow their salaries compared to other professions. <Read more.>

Via Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post.