The Uncertain Future of Academic Work

Over the next several years, at least, new technologies are expected to drastically reshape the way professors teach, and when and where people on college campuses do their work. As lawmakers, parents, and students continue to question whether a college degree is worth it, and as higher education struggles to reinvent itself, professors are sure to face more scrutiny about their workloads. Those trends have set the stage for internal battles over administrators’ renewed attempts to measure faculty productivity.

Dedicated office space on campus may not always be a given in the workplace of the future, even for some tenured and tenure-track professors. But more colleges are expected to create family-friendly workplaces, as the next generation of faculty members signals how much it values work-life balance. That is increasingly true for both male and female academics

Employees must be prepared to see their careers changed by such trends. Many of these changes have been a long time in the making, such as the rise of a professoriate dominated by those who have no hope of long-term employment. But many academics, regardless of their status, are increasingly expected to excel in jobs that don’t always match up with their ideal vision of scholarly work.  <Read more.>

Via Audrey Williams June, The Chronicle of Higher Education.