Guiding Low-Income Hoosiers Toward College Completion Could Transform Economy

Like a crystal ball, two statistics reveal Indiana’s economic future.

Political leaders rarely mention the numbers’ significance and focus instead on the state’s business-friendly tax and regulation policies.

Yet, the power of those two intertwined statistics transcends the others. When it comes to the chances of average Hoosiers seeing an improvement in their quality of life, those two stats are bottom-line. The rest is just details.

The first involves education levels. Indiana ranked 43rd in the percentage of its population holding at least a college bachelor’s degree in 2011, according to the Indiana Business Research Center.

The second involves incomes. Indiana ranked 40th in per-capita income among its residents that same year.

Lowly rankings in those two statistical economic categories aren’t a coincidence. Indiana needs more of its young people to finish college. <Read more.>

Via Mark Bennett, insidetrack