U.T. Is Poised to Collaborate With Mexico on Research Projects

Randall Charbeneau, an assistant vice chancellor for research at theUniversity of Texas System, was surprised to learn that the system did not have an agreement with Mexico to foster student and faculty exchanges and research collaboration.

“I don’t know what the obstacle has been,” Mr. Charbeneau said. “Maybe it’s just that nobody has made the trip down there.”

Dr. Charbeneau made the journey last week, accompanied by Fredrick Jenet, the director of the University of Texas at Brownsville’s Center for Advanced Radio Astronomy.

On behalf of the U.T. system, they signed a letter of intent to work with the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology on a space-related project in Brownsville. They also returned with a broader memorandum of understanding — modeled on Mexico’s agreements with the University of California System — that would foster collaboration between Mexican and U.T. system institutions. Dr. Charbeneau expects system leaders to sign the memorandum within weeks. <Read more.>

Via Reeve Hamilton, The New York Times.