What Really Happens at Community Colleges?

How do community-college students move from their first class to their first job? Plenty of educators and analysts would like to know more about that process.

A research institute called RTI International said on Monday that its newly revamped web tool could provide answers. The tool, known as The Completion Arch, is an effort to provide a data-driven look at the experiences of the nation’s approximately 10 million community-college students.

The Completion Arch brings together 500 measures drawn from federal and state data about colleges across the country, such as students’ transfer rates to four-year institutions, how many students are placed in remedial courses, and the average time it takes them to earn a degree.

The tool aims to track students’ success at five stages: when they enroll, when they receive developmental-education placement, when their “intermediate progress” can be evaluated, when they transfer or complete a degree, and when they enter the work force. <Read more.>

Via Max Lewontin, The Chronicle of Higher Education.