Diverse Conversations: Obama, Millennials and College Costs

There has been a lot of buzz lately about President Obama and his recent push to reach out to the Millennial generation, or those Americans currently between the ages of 18 and 34. These 16 years cover a lot of ground in the young adult years, including the cost of and importance of a college education.

In town hall meetings across the country, the president has listened to the concerns of Millennials who know the value of a college education but are struggling with a way to afford it. There are also the Millennials who have already earned their college degrees and have left campus with $29,400 in college debt (the national average based on 2012 graduates) and not many job prospects.

The younger group of Millennials is taking on more loan debt than their predecessors, and the older group of Millennials is still paying off the debt they acquired and trying to crawl up the economic ladder that is still broken from the recession years. College, it seems, is not as much of a sure thing as these young Americans believed it would be. <Read more.>

Via Matthew Lynch, Diverse.