Taking Your Career Abroad

Go abroad.

It’s advice that higher education professionals often give to students who want to broaden their educational experience, but is seldom considered by faculty or staff who want to take their careers to a new level.

Perhaps the barriers seem too great, or the opportunities closer to home just seem better. But with universities globalizing faster than ever, now could be the best time to consider taking your career abroad, said Phil Baty, editor of the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, which measure global teaching and research at institutions using a variety of metrics.

“World-class universities are recruiting staff from a global pool,” says Baty. “They want to draw in talent and it doesn’t matter which passport the top scholars hold.”

The average top 400 university in the THE World University Rankings has 18 percent of its faculty from abroad, and for some leading institutions, the number is much higher, he said. A decade ago, around a quarter of all research was published with an international co-author and today it is about 40 percent — a change that has been spurred in part by the increasing internationalization of academic jobs, particularly within Asia, he said. <Read more.>

Via Alison Herget, Higher Education Jobs.