Does the College Major Really Matter?

Every year, high-school students and their families spend an inordinate amount of time on the college search, but comparatively little on the search for a college major. Perhaps that’s why a quarter of all freshmen change their major by the end of their first year, according to UCLA’s annual Freshman Survey, and half of first-year students say they plan to switch their field of study.

College officials, of course, think that the specific discipline students pursue matters little to their ultimate success because so many people end up working in fields unrelated to their college major. Students are often told how hard they work in college and how they apply their learning in the real world matter more.

Indeed, a design exercise on the future of undergraduate education, led by Stanford University’s Institute of Design, or, recently suggested that instead of majors, students should declare a “mission” to help them find meaning and purpose behind their studies. <Read more.>

Via Jeffrey J. Selingo, The Chronicle of Higher Education.