The 2016 Budget: Improving Opportunity and Affordability in Higher Education

Over the past six years, thanks to the hard work and determination of our country’s workers and businesses, our economy is recovering and continues to grow. The steps that President Obama has taken to promote middle-class economics are working—but there’s more progress to be made. In this year’s State of the Union address, the President made it clear that education—including a strong focus on improving postsecondary access, affordability, and student outcomes—remains central to his plan for strengthening and expanding the middle class and securing our country’s economic and civic prosperity for generations to come.

Today, more than ever, every American needs the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of a growing global economy. A postsecondary credential has become a prerequisite for success, and every American should be able to secure a quality education without taking on heavy student loan debt.

The total aid available to postsecondary students has grown dramatically during the Obama administration, helping to ensure that more students are graduating from college than ever before. However, fewer than one in 10 students from low-income families complete college. We need to close the opportunity gap so that all students—regardless of background or circumstance—can succeed in college, careers, and life. <Read more.>

Via Melissa Apostolides, The U.S. Department of Education.