Report: U.S. Millennials Not Measuring Up vs. International Peers

Calling the situation a “clear cause for concern,” ETS on Tuesday released a new report that shows the skills of America’s so-called “millennials” are “comparatively weak” in relation to their international peers.

And it’s not just because of disparate skill levels among different segments of the U.S. population — as bad as that would be if that were the only reason.

Rather, the report notes that even the top-scoring and “most-educated” U.S. millennials are trailing behind similarly situated millennials in most other participating Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD, nations when it comes to skills in the realms of literacy, numeracy and problem-solving in “technology-rich environments.”

“The data reveal that in relative terms, our millennials do not perform favorably in comparison to their peers internationally,” states the report, titled “AMERICA’S SKILLS CHALLENGE: Millennials and the Future.”

“This holds true even for our best performing and most educated millennials, those who are our native born, and those with the greatest socioeconomic advantage,” the report states. <Read more.>

Via Jamaal Abdul-Alim, Diverse Issues in Higher Education.