Despite Progress, Only 1 in 4 College Presidents Are Women

When Cornell University’s new president takes office, in July, half of the Ivy League’s colleges will be led by women. Brown University’s female leader is its second in a row.

Over the past several years, a range of other institutions, including public flagships, liberal-arts colleges, historically black institutions, and community colleges have hired their first female presidents. They include the University of Virginia, Middlebury College, Alabama State University, and Pueblo Community College.

Despite the progress, including at some of the nation’s most elite institutions, women remain significantly underrepresented among college presidencies — and the numbers have barely budged. Women make up about a quarter of college presidents nationwide, a share that has remained about the same for at least a decade.

Women tend to make up greater shares of presidents at two-year colleges than at four-year institutions, according to the American Council on Education. About 33 percent of community colleges have women as presidents, compared with 23 percent of bachelor’s and master’s-level institutions, and 22 percent of doctoral institutions. <Read more.>

Via Audrey Williams June, The Chronicle of Higher Education.