Jake Schwartz Offers Education Designed for the Job Market

Jake Schwartz initially missed the on-ramp from college to a career. He describes the years after he graduated from Yale University, in 2000, as a series of often frustrating misadventures — he briefly managed a singer/songwriter, created a nonprofit performing-arts space, applied to law school, and ended up going to business school.

“I spent a lot of my 20s feeling totally behind my peers and very lost,” he says.

Now 36, Mr. Schwartz is working to help others more easily find their way, leading a new kind of professional school for the digital age. It’s calledGeneral Assembly, and though many in higher education haven’t heard of it, Silicon Valley types have rushed to invest, with more than $50 million in backing. General Assembly has a growing presence worldwide, with campuses in 13 cities. Some 240,000 students have taken its courses, classes, and workshops, and more than 12,000 have completed full- and part-time courses, the company says. <Read more.>

Via Jeffrey R. Young, The Chronicle of Higher Education.