New Student Loans For A New For-Profit Education Sector

Coder boot camps. Accelerated learning programs. New economy skills training.

Whatever you call them, these new players in higher education are multiplying. The intensive programs say they can teach job-ready skills in technology, design and related fields. In record time.

In three or four months of really long days, students with little prior experience are getting up to speed in the latest programming languages with Hack Reactor, General Assembly or Dev Bootcamp. Typically, the cost is $10,000 to $20,000.

The sector predicts 16,000 graduates this year, compared with 48,700 bachelor’s degree recipients in computer science. Many go on to six-figure jobs in the software industry.

One fan of these programs is President Obama. In March, the White House announced the TechHire initiative to help communities recognize, and hire, boot camp graduates in order to close the famous “skills gap.”

“There’s a lot more we can do together to make sure that more Americans benefit from a 21st century economy,” Obama said to the nation’s mayors. “Folks can get the skills they need in newer, streamlined, faster training programs.” <Read more.>

Via Anya Kamenetz, nprEd.