Higher Education is (Slowly) Catching Up With the Social Media World

Although social networks and the world of social media have been in existence for more than a decade now, it has taken a long time for our educational system to catch up with the way that people currently communicate with each other.  Instead, high education has been pecking at the subject, unsure of what to make of it.

(Mind you, I’m not talking about students adopting social media, which happened almost overnight, but instead how the institutions of higher education have been slow or reluctant to integrate the subject into the curriculum.)

While there has been, for a few years actually, the occasional news story about a forward-thinking professor offering up a class in social media, as this Syracuse professor did way back in 2012, there hasn’t really been a concerted effort on the part of colleges to offer something like a real degree, on the undergraduate or graduate level, until very recently. And this is in spite of students themselves declaring that this new way of communicating should be a part of their educations. <Read more.>

Via Aaron Miles, Social Media Today.