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Santa Fe College Named Nation’s Top Community College

Santa Fe College (SFC) in Gainesville, Florida, is the winner of the 2015 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. The biennial Aspen Prize, distributed by the Aspen Institute, awards 10 institutions with a total of $1.1 million. SFC won the top prize of $800,000. Juries and committees selected by the Aspen Institute chose the 10 … Continue reading

Survival at Stake

The Pleiades—seven sisters lofted into the night sky by Zeus—shine crisply through the eyepiece of a handsome new telescope that Austin College bought to top off its two-year-old science building. David Whelan, an assistant professor of physics, describes the star cluster’s astronomical significance after Amy Anderson, who is double-majoring in physics and theater, has given … Continue reading

These Colleges Give Every Student a Job

Paul Quinn College, a historically black college (HBCU) in Dallas, has found a way for its students to pay as little as $2,300 in tuition next year. Starting in the fall, everyone on campus will work. They’ll grow vegetables, cook meals, sweep the halls, and answer phones—keeping the campus running for cheap and, in turn, getting the chance to graduate with … Continue reading

Students Are Returning to For-Profit Colleges

Here’s a puzzle. Enrollment continued to decline at public community colleges this 2014-15 academic year, but not so much at private, for-profit ones. Of course, the for-profit colleges offer not only two-year degrees, but also four-year and graduate ones too. But they’re both drawing from a similar pool of older, low-income students. So you’d expect … Continue reading

College Kids Are Getting More Depressed

An annual survey of college freshmen released on Thursday shows that a worrisome proportion of them had felt depressed and overwhelmed during the previous year. An intensifying pressure to succeed is taking a toll on college-bound high school seniors. The pressure is worsened by the fact that they have lost the ability to kick back … Continue reading

Having a Diversity Officer Doesn’t Mean Mission Accomplished

Even for those colleges and universities that value diversity to the extent that they have a dedicated officer or dean of diversity, problems of inclusion and support for faculty and students of color may still be an institutional challenge. A single officer or the mere presence of faculty of color does not solve such issues … Continue reading

Educators Consider Killing the Lecture

Scott Aikin admits that he’s “a very conservative pedagogue.” That’s why the author and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University says that, this fall, he’s asking his students to keep their laptops at home. Instead, he wants their full attention for his main method of teaching: lecturing. “I call it ‘the chalk and talk.’ … Continue reading

Faculty Leaders Try Their Hand at Running a College

Their relationships are often characterized by skepticism, mistrust, or, in the worst cases, outright antagonism. The divide between administrators and professors is legendary in higher education, where the model of shared governance seems to fuel tensions as often as it resolves them. Does some of the problem boil down to simple misunderstandings, or a lack … Continue reading

Campus Police Departments Struggle With Issues of Race

The head of the University of Pennsylvania’s police union was not pleased to hear how Amy Gutmann had ended up lying on the floor this month at her own holiday party. Ms. Gutmann, the university’s president, had lowered herself onto her back to show solidarity with student demonstrators who staged a “die-in” at her party … Continue reading

‘Suicide is My Retirement Plan’

Ask Debra Leigh Scott how she plans to make ends meet after her teaching career is over, and her answer is direct. “Suicide,” she says, “is my retirement plan.” Of course, she doesn’t want to kill herself. But there might come a time, she says, when ending her life would be the only “dignified” escape … Continue reading