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Ph.D.s Do Have Transferable Skills

If you are thinking about leaving academia — or maybe just having a bad day — you’ve probably heard variations on both of those lies from people trying to help you. Even worse, you might have assumed that if one of them isn’t true, then the other must be. Of course, the sensible voice might … Continue reading

Older and On The Market

Searching for employment tends to make people anxious about the ways in which they are different from the “typical” candidate. One such factor is age, especially if you are older than average on the market. I heard from two readers who had such concerns: “A growing number of us earn Ph.D.s post-40, post-50. I’m 58. … Continue reading

Universities Told to Cap PhDs and Check Plagiarism

Universities may attract penalty, including a freeze of grants, if its teachers are found to be guiding more than eight PhD students at any given point in time as part of a drive to plug lacunae in research. The University Grants Commission (UGC) will ask all universities to have anti-plagiarism software to ensure that the … Continue reading

Concern at Low Share of Foreign Students Taking PhDs

Applications from foreign students to US graduate programmes increased 2% to a record 676,484 this year, driven primarily by a 12% upswing in numbers from India but tempered by a 2% drop from China, a preliminary report says. Half of all international applications were for programmes in the key STEM fields of engineering, mathematics and … Continue reading

The Completion Agenda, Part 1

Graduate school, the job market, the tenure track, and every other stage in an academic career are so fraught with challenge that you cannot afford to dawdle too long on foolish ventures or waste time holding out for perfection when “pretty darn good” will do. The first supreme hurdle — the one that scares off … Continue reading

How to be a PhD Big Companies Want to Hire

One of the graduate students two years ahead of me went to an interview with Genenetech and it was a big deal. I remember everyone talking about it because most of the other students just went right into an academic postdoc. Very few ever interviewed with a big company. Sure, a lot of students sent … Continue reading

Academia’s 1 Percent

Will your Ph.D. lead to an academic job? To answer that question, prospective students are often encouraged to see how recent graduates fared — a task easier said than done. Department placement lists are catalogs of untold stories, a logroll of the disappeared. Those who left academia are erased: According to my own alma mater, … Continue reading

Tracking the Elusive Ph.D.

Due in part to a weakening academic job market, some colleges and higher-education groups are scrambling to collect data on what sorts of jobs Ph.D.’s are getting. The American Historical Association recently pinpointed where 2,500 history Ph.D. recipients were working, while many university departments and individual researchers conduct formal and informal tracking projects of their … Continue reading

New Job on Campus: Expanding Ph.D. Career Options

… Fewer tenure-track opportunities exist for new Ph.D.’s, and more of them are exploring careers outside the professoriate, whether by choice or not. The most recent federal data show that, even as universities produce a growing number of Ph.D.’s, a declining percentage of them report having firm commitments for jobs or postdoctoral positions. Of those … Continue reading

Where Are Canada’s PhDs Employed?

Each year, Canadian universities award doctoral degrees to thousands of individuals who have mastered a field of knowledge and developed advanced research skills. By 2011, Canadian institutions were graduating more than 6,000 new doctorates annually, while many more Canadians were earning PhDs at institutions abroad, and thousands more PhDs were being recruited through immigration.1 Roughly … Continue reading