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New Online Library Aims to ‘Equalise’ Science Education

The World Library of Science, launched by UNESCO and two partners on 10 November, will give students and teachers around the world access to the latest science information and the opportunity to create a “global community for science education”, the developers say. The library – WLoS – ‘contains’ more than 300 articles, 25 eBooks and … Continue reading

A Familiar Anger Begins to Boil Again in Mexico

The fate of 43 college students missing and presumed killed and burned to ashes in a mass abduction in September has bred ire and indignation in many corners of Mexico. Spectators held up posters with the faces of the students at a soccer match last week between Mexico and the Netherlands. Thousands of demonstrators, mostly teachers … Continue reading

In India, Revealing the Children Left Behind

Right now, all over rural India, this is happening: Two local volunteers with a few days’ training come into the village. They knock on randomly selected doors, asking to see all children ages 6 to 16 who live there. In the front yard of the house, they test the children one by one in reading … Continue reading

How To Revive The California Model

Clark Kerr’s multiversity has spread across the world, but at home it is fraying at the edges. A rethink on tuition fees and on the wider benefits of higher education is needed to ensure its model of balancing excellence and access continues to impact international higher education. The Californian model of higher education has achieved … Continue reading

How Germany Managed to Abolish University Tuition Fees

If Germany has done it, why can’t we? That’s the questionbeing asked by many students around the world in countries that charge tuition fees to university. From this semester, all higher education will be free for both Germans and international students at universities across the country, after Lower Saxony became the final state to abolish … Continue reading

Minority-Serving Institutions Exist Across the Globe

One of the fundamental responsibilites of higher education is to provide open and equal opportunities for students to learn, succeed, and positively contribute to their local, national, and global societies. Great strides are being made in increasing educational access, retention completion, and success, yet there is still work to be done particularly for students from … Continue reading

Faculty Life Abroad in Unusual Places

Fall is here, which means graduate students and early-career scholars are about to enter another brutal job-market cycle. Many of us are facing difficult financial and family choices. Where am I willing to move, and how far? Should I take more visiting positions? Can I afford another year or two of adjuncting? Some of us … Continue reading

U.T. Is Poised to Collaborate With Mexico on Research Projects

Randall Charbeneau, an assistant vice chancellor for research at theUniversity of Texas System, was surprised to learn that the system did not have an agreement with Mexico to foster student and faculty exchanges and research collaboration. “I don’t know what the obstacle has been,” Mr. Charbeneau said. “Maybe it’s just that nobody has made the … Continue reading

Elite Indian Universities Told to Abandon U.S.-Style Degrees

The battle to rein in Delhi University’s controversial four-year undergraduate degrees and revert to British-style three-year degrees has expanded to include the prestigious Indian institutes of technology, or IITs, and private higher education institutions.  Higher education regulatory and funding body the University Grants Commission, or UGC, ignited a new controversy just weeks after forcing Delhi … Continue reading