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CSU Using More Part-Time Faculty Than Full-Time Professors

Like private-sector employers who turned to temporary workers during the recession, California State University relied on more part-time faculty than full-time professors last academic year as the 23-campus system looked to cut costs. Students say the shift means they have fewer chances to meet with professors outside of class or get letters of recommendation. Part-time … Continue reading

Education-Degree Programs, Once Popular, Take a Nosedive

Holley Hamilton, a first-grade teacher in Charlotte, N.C., was considering going back to school for a master’s degree in education last year. Noticing that younger teachers were coming into classrooms armed with new ideas, she figured teacher-preparation programs had advanced significantly in the two decades since she graduated with a bachelor’s in education from the … Continue reading

The Five Faces of Online Education

In the not-so-distant past, the relatively small number of people who took online classes in the U.S. saw at-your-own-pace learning as a good alternative to traditional, in-person classes. Adults with careers and children often took advantage of online classes and degrees due to the convenience the classes afforded them to learn anywhere, anytime. In the … Continue reading

Colleges Face a ‘Tough Love’ Problem

“Tough love” isn’t the kind of love that most people pine for. The term implies strong medicine—restorative, maybe, but hard to swallow. It proved an apt title for a report, released on Wednesday by the Education Trust, that proposed identifying the colleges that are the worst at access and student success, and threatening them with … Continue reading

Can We Create a Culture That Values Good Teaching?

How do you change academic culture? One reason that question gets asked a lot is that it’s so hard to answer. Another reason is that so much of academic culture needs changing. How might we create a culture that actually esteems effective teaching? The value of such a thing ought to be clear, if only … Continue reading

Who is the Average Online College Student?

Online coursework is booming. Colleges around the world continue to expand their online course offerings. Even prestigious schools like Harvard have tossed their hats into the online ring, according to a May 18 article in The Boston Globe. Quietly, Harvard has built what amounts to an in-house production company to create massive open online courses, or … Continue reading

More Consumer Protections Would Hold For-Profit Colleges Accountable

Report: “Perils in the Provision of Trust Goods: Consumer Protection and the Public Interest in Higher Education” Author: Robert M. Shireman, executive director of California Competes Organization: Center for American Progress Summary: Frequent investor pressures prompt for-profit colleges to compromise student and public needs in order to maximize profits. And while all colleges seek revenue, nonprofit … Continue reading

As Study Abroad Becomes More Crucial, Few Low-Income Students Go

When Ricardo Parras flew across the Pacific to study in Japan, the turbulence he encountered was of the emotional variety. Having grown up in predominantly Hispanic Los Banos, Calif., Parras missed being surrounded by Spanish-speakers from his own culture. He also missed his relatives, some of whom could not understand why he chose to travel … Continue reading

A Game-Changer For Online Retention

In a recent think-tank panel in D.C. on trends in higher-ed, one online learning expert from Arizona State University said that the next big discussion for colleges and universities would be on online communities. But why is it so important for online learning? The simplest answer is that students like it, so they stick around. … Continue reading

In B-School, Is That a Syllabus, or an Itinerary?

One weekend in February, about a third of Sean Pool’s classmates at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin went on a three-day ski trip to Park City, Utah. The event included nighttime, après-ski outings in town, as well as time to relax in a hot tub, according to the … Continue reading