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Who is to Teach Ethics to The University?

The narratives that help illustrate the lack of professional ethics at American universities occur with greater and greater frequency, though most often we fail to note them as such. If we put our minds to it, we can remember quite a number of unethical stories at American universities in recent years: the sex abuse case … Continue reading

Why Universities Alone Aren’t Going to Save Your Economy

Today, college after college, urban and rural, from the tiniest liberal-arts institution to the sprawling research university, is pitching itself as a driver of economic revitalization, its region’s greatest competitive asset. Universities’ very presence, the rhetoric seems to suggest, can spur a metamorphosis from decaying factory town to 21st-century knowledge hub. At a time when … Continue reading

Obama Wants College Aid Tied to Ratings

Calling growing student debt levels a “crisis,” President Barack Obama laid out a plan Thursday aimed at reining in rising tuition costs by creating a system to rate colleges and eventually tie federal student aid to the institutions’ performance. The president called for rating colleges before the 2015 school year on measures such as affordability … Continue reading

Moody’s Report Forecasts a Gloomy Future for Public Universities

Things were supposed to get better after the 2012 fiscal year, the year that colleges fell off the “cliff” created as federal stimulus money for higher education ran out and state appropriations had yet to recover. Instead, 2012 was just foreshadowing the difficult financial future that public colleges will continue to face, according to a … Continue reading

Education Proposal in House Could Replace ‘No Child’ Act

For the first time since No Child Left Behind, President George W. Bush’s signature education law, passed with overwhelming bipartisan support a dozen years ago, a bill seeking to rewrite the law came to the floor of the House for debate on Thursday, dividing legislators along party lines. Lawmakers tussled over the role of the … Continue reading

Teacher Wears Same Picture-Day Outfit 40 Years Straight

  This is by far the grooviest story of the week … The Dallas Morning News reports that Dale Irby, a physical education in Richardson, Texas, who retired this year, managed the feat of wearing the same outfit for his school picture 40 years in a row. Irby initially donned the polyester shirt and light-brown … Continue reading