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Academic Freedom is Under Threat Across The World

Academic freedom needs to be defended from government, commercial and religious pressure. A simple enough statement. Surely stating the bleedin’ obvious? Does it really need to be said, and aren’t those battles already won? Well, it turns out that yes, it does, and no, they aren’t. Those threats appear to be looming large in states … Continue reading

Minority-Serving Institutions Exist Across the Globe

One of the fundamental responsibilites of higher education is to provide open and equal opportunities for students to learn, succeed, and positively contribute to their local, national, and global societies. Great strides are being made in increasing educational access, retention completion, and success, yet there is still work to be done particularly for students from … Continue reading

Nelson Mandela, A Moral Educator

Today, as the world mourns the loss of Nelson Mandela, his legacy of combining resistance and strength in the face of oppression with courageous insistence on reconciliation inspires us. Nelson Mandela turned a history of pain and injustice into a remarkable lesson in the power of love. After what he had endured, many would have … Continue reading

Contaminated Lunches Kill 22 Children in India

The children complained that the free lunch at their state school — rice, beans, potato curry and soy balls — tasted odd. The cook gave it a taste, too. Within half an hour they all began to suffer severe stomach pains followed by vomiting and diarrhea, and within hours at least 22 of the children … Continue reading

Burkina Faso: Universities Closed

The government said Monday that it was closing public universities to try to curb weeks of violent protests over the death of a student in police custody. The government has said the student, Justin Zongo, died of meningitis, but students say police mistreatment led to his death. They are demanding that the government fire top … Continue reading