One State’s HBCUs Are Seeing More Interest From Adult Students. Here’s How They’re Responding

At Fayetteville State University, adult students make up about 48 percent of the overall student population. At Elizabeth City State, administrators have seen a nearly 50-percent increase in adult-student enrollment in just the last two years. Adult learners now account for 22 percent of the university’s student population. That growth has prompted administrators to take … Continue reading

Seven Strategies for Embracing the Emotional Labor of Teaching

While attending a student success workshop a few years ago and gaining strategies to connect with students, I thought, “What about how hard I work just to be friendly and kind?” Although the workshop was beneficial, it seemed like a foundational portion of my labor was invisible. What about the herculean, behind-the-scenes self-regulation that I … Continue reading

Report: Federal income-driven repayment ‘built to be a debt trap’

The federal government’s systems that allow student borrowers to repay loans based on their income are flawed and can end up saddling them with more debt, a new report argues. This can affect borrowers’ financial health and well-being, it says. While debt under these income-driven repayment plans can theoretically be forgiven after 20 to 25 years, … Continue reading

We’ve seen ‘The Chair’. Now it’s time for ‘The Adjunct’

The Netflix series The Chair, which follows the struggle of a newly appointed English department chair, debuted to much fanfare. It was hailed In The Atlantic as “Netflix’s best drama in years” and in the Wall Street Journal as a “sharp take on academia”. Continue reading.

Why Higher Education is Failing to Close The Racial Wealth Gap

For all too many Black students, a college degree isn’t a ticket into the middle class….As our society engages in a historic reckoning over its persistent racial disparities — in employment, income, healthcare, life span, on-time high school graduation, homeownership, incarceration, political representation, poverty rates, school suspensions and wealth — we, in the academy need … Continue reading

Blackboard, Anthology to Merge, Creating Ed-Tech Behemoth

Anthology, which emerged a year ago from the combination of three higher education administrative software firms, will merge with Blackboard, long the most visible company in learning technology, the two companies announced today. The deal will result in the end of Blackboard as a freestanding company, and could bring the end of its well-known, and sometimes … Continue reading

These Colleges Are Betting That Culturally Relevant Textbooks Will Improve Student Outcomes

Millie González and her colleagues aren’t here to argue about whether open educational resources are on par with traditional textbooks一she says research has borne that out. González and Framingham State University, where she is interim director of Whittemore Library, are part of a consortium in Massachusetts looking to answer different questions. Like: What would happen if students … Continue reading

How Biden’s New Vaccination Policy Affects Colleges

Thousands of colleges could be subject to a new federal rule mandating Covid-19 vaccination or testing for large private-sector employers, the Biden administration announced on Thursday. The Department of Labor’s emergency, temporary rule will require all employees of businesses with 100 or more workers to be vaccinated or to be tested weekly. That mandate will cover more … Continue reading