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For City College of San Francisco, New Year a Matter of Survival

In the last two years, City College of San Francisco, one of the nation’s largest community colleges, has seen its student enrollment shrink by more than 20 percent, from more than 100,000 students to fewer than 80,000, according to college officials. Several top administrators have also departed, according to a board member. ­The California Federation … Continue reading

California Lawmakers Gut Legislation Meant to Regulate Accreditor

In February state lawmakers in California proposed a sweeping set of regulations for the agency that accredits the state’s community colleges. But the bill, AB 1942, which passed the Legislature last month, has been stripped of nearly all its original requirements, and other measures aimed at the accreditor remain stalled in legislative committees. A legislative … Continue reading

Conference Gives Hints of How Accreditation May Change

When U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin spoke to a room full of accreditors and accreditation advocates here on Wednesday morning, many were worried that the Iowa Democrat would repeat some of the harsh criticisms he has leveled at the accreditation system in recent years. In several hearings of the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, … Continue reading

College Accreditors Under Pressure To Crack Down

When City College of San Francisco was given a year to rein in a massive debt, fix deteriorating facilities, and bring its academic courses up to standards, it wasn’t state or federal regulators threatening to close the college if it didn’t respond. Nor was it parents, legislators, or impatient bankers. The shutdown warning came from an obscure … Continue reading

Accrediting Agencies Demand More from Community Colleges

Time was when the country’s seven higher education accrediting bodies were little more than good ol’ boy networks in bowties, horn-rimmed glasses and sensible heels. The gatherings of brethren would periodically visit campuses for a few days, renew acquaintances, take an inventory of books on library shelves, _calculate how many professors had doctoral degrees, make … Continue reading

Accreditation Is Eyed as a Means to Aid Adjuncts

Can a quality education be provided by any college that relies heavily on adjunct instructors it subjects to lousy working conditions? Some higher-education experts and prominent advocates for adjunct faculty members would like to see accreditors and others who pass judgment on colleges ask questions like that more often. Those concerned about the conditions of … Continue reading

Community College in Florida Admits to Graduating Students Without Required Courses

Officials at Edison State College, in southwestern Florida, admitted on Thursday to awarding degrees to students who had failed to complete required courses in order to raise the college’s graduation rate, according to a local newspaper, the News-Press. The disclosure, which could lead to trouble with the college’s regional accreditor, came after the paper obtained documents through an open-records … Continue reading