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I Used to Be a Good Teacher

Note: Alice Umber is the pseudonym of an adjunct professor of human development at a university in California. I spent five years on the tenure track. Now I’m an adjunct, and the move has affected my teaching in ways I didn’t anticipate. I’m not the teacher I once was, largely thanks to the lack of … Continue reading

Why You Can’t Find a Full-Time Job, Part 1

A few years ago, I wrote a column called “Why You Didn’t Get the Job,” aimed at rookie candidates who had failed to find full-time teaching positions at community colleges. In my next two columns, I’d like to update and expand on that premise, focusing this time on people who have spent several years on the community-college … Continue reading

IRS to Issue Guidance on Health Care for Adjuncts

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(PPACA), community colleges will now have to determine whether adjunct faculty work enough hours to be considered eligible for health insurance benefits. Through the new law, full-time employees (FTEs) at community colleges are entitled to a prescribed set of insurance benefits for a limited cost (no greater than 9.5 percent of … Continue reading

Adjuncts Build Strength in Numbers

…When professors in positions that offer no chance of earning tenure begin to stack the faculty, campus dynamics start to change. Growing numbers of adjuncts make themselves more visible. They push for roles in governance, better pay and working conditions, and recognition for work well done. And they do so at institutions where tenured faculty, … Continue reading

Red Flag: Public Colleges Hiring Too Many Part-Time Faculty

A recent red-flag letter to Miami Dade College from its accreditors, which warned that administrators have relied too heavily on part-time faculty, isn’t so much an indictment of the college as it is of the state’s right-wing governor and state legislators. This year, even while handing away billions of dollars in tax breaks to out-of-state … Continue reading

Conditions Imposed on Part-Time Adjuncts Threaten Quality of Teaching

Four-year colleges are undermining their own efforts to educate students by relying on part-time adjunct instructors who often lack the time or training to use effective teaching practices, a new study suggests. The study, based on a national survey of college faculty members, found that part-time adjunct instructors differ significantly from other faculty members—including adjunct … Continue reading

Benefits for Adjuncts Can Boost Job Satisfaction for All

Which faculty members are more satisfied with their jobs: contingent faculty members or their tenured or tenure-track peers? That might sound like a trick question. But according to a research paper to be presented on Friday at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, the answer depends on whether contingent … Continue reading