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California’s Poor Families Need Better Access to College, Report Says

California’s working families remain undereducated, to their detriment and to the state’s, according to a report released on Wednesday. Among the four million working families in the state, a third are considered lower-income, defined as a family of four earning about $45,000 or less per year, says the report, “Working Hard, Left Behind,” released by … Continue reading

In California, Push for College Diversity Starts Earlier

As the Supreme Court weighs a case that could decide the future of affirmative action in college admissions, California offers one glimpse of a future without it. California was one of the first states to abolish affirmative action, after voters approved Proposition 209 in 1996. Across the University of California system, Latinos fell to 12 … Continue reading

What ACT Score Reports Say About College Choices

Students provide colleges with many clues about their enrollment destinies long before they make final decisions. A new report confirms that when Johnny and Susie register for the ACT exam and rank their preferred colleges, they help admissions officers forecast their futures. Regardless of their ACT scores, students attended their first-choice colleges at significantly higher rates than … Continue reading