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California Lawmakers Gut Legislation Meant to Regulate Accreditor

In February state lawmakers in California proposed a sweeping set of regulations for the agency that accredits the state’s community colleges. But the bill, AB 1942, which passed the Legislature last month, has been stripped of nearly all its original requirements, and other measures aimed at the accreditor remain stalled in legislative committees. A legislative … Continue reading

California’s Poor Families Need Better Access to College, Report Says

California’s working families remain undereducated, to their detriment and to the state’s, according to a report released on Wednesday. Among the four million working families in the state, a third are considered lower-income, defined as a family of four earning about $45,000 or less per year, says the report, “Working Hard, Left Behind,” released by … Continue reading

Budget Cuts Sharply Reduced Community-College Access in California

California’s community colleges must develop new sources of revenue and find more cost-effective ways of delivering courses in order to bridge the gap between education supply and demand, says a new report by the Public Policy Institute of California. The report, based on community-college reports and a survey last fall of more than 100 senior … Continue reading

California Districts Wary in Advance of Tax Vote

Faced with uncertainty about the fate of a tax-hike initiative on California’s ballot this November—and the prospect of deep K-12 funding cuts if it fails—the vast majority of school districts are shying away from budget commitments that could fall apart. The ballot initiative, which is built into the revenue assumptions in the $91 billion state … Continue reading

Out-of-State Colleges Entice Californians

Their pitches were simple and tailored to the audience. Come to my college, the out-of-state recruiters recently told high school students in Lakewood, and you will be taught in small classes and you’ll graduate in four years. We’ll even throw in a few thousand dollars just for being from California. And at one school, you … Continue reading

Why Are Community Colleges Being Treated Worst When They’re Needed Most?

CALIFORNIA’S SYSTEM of organizing higher education is world-famous. Devised by University of California president Clark Kerr in 1960, the California Master Plan split the state’s higher education institutions into three tiers. At the top, University of California campuses would admit the state’s most academically-promising high school students and employ the nation’s most gifted scholars and … Continue reading