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California State University System Makes Recruitment, Retention of Students of Color a Priority

In an effort to bolster student achievement and degree completion among underrepresented students, the nation’s largest four-year public university system, California State University (CSU), has focused on a series of enrollment and retention initiatives. As of fall 2012, the 23 campus system educates 437,000 students and employs 44,000 faculty and staff. Chancellor Dr. Timothy P. … Continue reading

Record Number Complete High School and College

Although the United States no longer leads the world in educational attainment, record numbers of young Americans are completing high school, going to college and finishing college, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of newly available census data. This year, for the first time, a third of the nation’s 25- to 29-year-olds have earned at least a … Continue reading

The MOOC-Led Meritocracy

This week Udacity announced that it had cancelled a scheduled math class over concerns about quality. In doing so, it added another item to the growing list of marked contrasts between MOOC’s and traditional universities. Does this kind of thing ever happen at “regular” colleges? Could it? At minimum, such an event would seem to require (a) defined standards … Continue reading

Innovative Strategies to Raise Completion Rates

Growing up in a trailer park in Florida with a father in prison and a mother who was a high school dropout, Dawn Ginnetti never considered going to college. In fact, she barely made it through high school. Today, after a few setbacks along the way, Ginnetti, 36, is an honor student at the elite Smith … Continue reading

Why College Isn’t for Everyone

A person who compares the annual earnings of college and high school graduates would no doubt conclude that higher education is a good investment—the present value of the college earnings premium (the better part of $1 million) seemingly far outdistances college costs, yielding a high rate of return. But for many, attending college is unequivocally … Continue reading

Overhauling the Graduation-Rate Calculus: Now the Hard Part Begins

The Education Department’s announcement on Wednesday that it would soon include part-time and transfer students in its graduation-rate tallies drew cheers from critics who had called for a calculus that more accurately counted who graduates from the nation’s colleges and universities. But the announcement also raised a big question: How exactly will those transfers and … Continue reading

Count Completion Accurately

Much attention has been directed at college completion rates in the past two years, since President Obama announced his goal that the United States will again lead the world with the highest proportion of college graduates by 2020. The most recent contribution to this dialogue was last month’s release of “Time Is the Enemy”by Complete College … Continue reading