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Teaching Collaboration and Critical Thinking, Tech-Free

Being college- and career-ready requires two important skills: collaboration and critical thinking. Sure, many graduates will use technology as they practice these skills. But neither is “about” technology. Everywhere you turn in education, there’s tech talk—1:1 laptops, cell phones, iPads, apps, flipping the classroom, and more. From all the chatter, you’d think every classroom (and … Continue reading

So Many Hands to Hold in the Classroom

Today’s commentary comes from Lynda C. Lambert, a writing instructor at community colleges in Maryland. Over the 17 years I’ve taught writing at the college level, I used to occasionally have a student who was afraid to choose a topic for an essay, or even to ask a question, because she didn’t know what was … Continue reading

Critical Thinking Is Absent Long Before Students Reach College

Today is Friday and I like to reserve Fridays for either conversations about available data or commentaries regarding higher education and her constituents.  Today I have an interesting commentary from Dr. Elwood Watson, who is a Professor of History and African American Studies at East Tennessee State University. His areas of specialty include 20th Century … Continue reading

New Approach Proposed for Science Curriculum

A new framework for improving American science education calls for paring the curriculum to focus on core ideas and teaching students more about how to approach and solve problems rather than just memorizing factual nuggets. “That is the failing of U.S. education today, that kids are expected to learn a lot of things but not … Continue reading