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7 Advantages PhDs Have Over Other Candidates

The idea that getting a PhD is going to hurt your chances of getting an industry job is a misconception. In fact, most PhDs go on to get jobs in industry and most get paid more than non-PhDs in the same position. The only way a PhD will hold you back from getting an industry … Continue reading

Why You Need to Leave Academia in 2015

Academia is broken. The time to leave it is now. If you don’t leave, you will be poor, mistreated, and unhappy. There’s a myth in academia, perpetuated by other (mostly unhappy) academics that says you can only be a successful PhD if you become a tenured professor and continue to publish in academic journals. This … Continue reading

Ph.D. Programs Should Change but Not Shrink, MLA Says

Humanities doctoral programs are under intense scrutiny. Policy makers, scholars, and the public have questioned whether universities should be producing so many Ph.D.’s in those fields, especially when the job market for tenure-track positions is tight. The Modern Language Association on Wednesday proposed a path forward for doctoral programs in literature and languages that calls … Continue reading