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Dropouts Are Driving Up Medicaid Costs

A new study adds further clout to the idea that dropouts are a national problem, not a personal one—because they cost the medical system money. Wealthy people are healthy people, more or less. They have the money to pay for health insurance, and get better medicine, and more frequent treatment. High school dropouts rarely achieve … Continue reading

A ‘Neglected’ Population Gets Another Chance at a Diploma

It’s too late to bar the schoolhouse door when 1.8 million students are already out. Fueled by billions of dollars in government and foundation funding and adopted as a cause célèbre by no less than Bill Gates and Colin and Alma Powell, dropout prevention has been gaining momentum. But educators and researchers who work with … Continue reading

The MOOC-Led Meritocracy

This week Udacity announced that it had cancelled a scheduled math class over concerns about quality. In doing so, it added another item to the growing list of marked contrasts between MOOC’s and traditional universities. Does this kind of thing ever happen at “regular” colleges? Could it? At minimum, such an event would seem to require (a) defined standards … Continue reading

It’s Time for a New Kind of High School

Today’s post is commentary from Jerry Y. Diakiw and Education Week. Jerry is a former superintendent of schools with the York Region Board of Education, in Ontario, Canada, and currently teaches about social justice and equity issues in classrooms, schools, and communities, in the faculty of education at York University, in Toronto. He can be reached … Continue reading

Tuning In to Dropping Out

. . . Over the past 25 years, the total number of students in college has increased by about 50 percent. But the number of students graduating with degrees in STEM subjects has remained more or less constant. Consider computer technology. In 2009 the United States graduated 37,994 students with bachelor’s degrees in computer and information … Continue reading

A Second Chance for Dropouts

Students who need a second chance — or a third or a fourth — can earn high school and college credits through Durham Technical Community College‘s Gateway to College program, reports theHerald-Sun in North Carolina. Northern High School, Hillside, Durham Performance Learning Center. None of them worked for Charity Philips. “I was going through a lot of drama,” the 18-year-old recalled … Continue reading

Census: School Dropouts Missing Out on $10K a Year

Thousands of San Joaquin County adults don’t have a high school diploma, and what they lack in education could be costing each of them $10,000 a year or more in income, according to recently updated census figures that outline a stark—and growing—gap between education haves and have-nots. Andy Lee, 19, works as a cashier at … Continue reading