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Some States Dropping GED as Test Price Spikes

Several dozen states are looking for an alternative to the GED high school equivalency test because of concerns that a new version coming out next year is more costly and will no longer be offered in a pencil and paper format. The responsibility for issuing high school equivalency certificates or diplomas rests with states, and … Continue reading

From GED to College Degree

Less than 5 percent of GED holders ever earn a postsecondary degree. In response, innovative GED programs have begun creating clear, effective pathways to postsecondary education, preparing their students for college and careers. This white paper by John Garvey and JFF’s Terry Grobe shares lessons from “best in class” GED to College programs that show early, positive … Continue reading

The Price of a GED: A Casualty of Tough Fiscal Times?

Concern about the rising cost of a GED has been ricocheting around Georgia, where about 20,000 adults each year rely on that test for high school equivalency. But those accounts overlook a key factor that suggests the pain will spread much farther than Georgia. First, a quick refresher: last month, Georgia announced that as of … Continue reading

Success and Failure on the G.E.D.

Nearly 40 million Americans are locked into dead-end jobs because they do not have a high school diploma. A daylong exam called the General Educational Development test, or G.E.D., provides the equivalent of a high school diploma — and better chances in the job market — to those who pass it. Nearly 800,000 people take … Continue reading