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New Graduates Will Enter a Slowly Improving Job Market

The job market for new college graduates will continue to improve slowly in 2013-14, as cuts in the banking and credit industries, as well as political uncertainty, hold back what could otherwise be robust growth, according to a new report from the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University. Job opportunities will increase by … Continue reading

College-Completion Rates Remain at Last Year’s Pace

Despite aggressive efforts to push more students through to the finish line, college-completion rates remained unchanged this year, with 54 percent of those entering college for the first time in 2007 earning a degree or certificate within six years, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center reported on Thursday. The center’s report tracks students even if … Continue reading

Calif. Community Colleges Unveil a Tool Showing Earning Power of Graduates

California’s community-college system has unveiled an online salary-comparison tool that details how much money students earned before and after completing a certificate or an associate degree at a college in the 112-campus system. The Web site, called Salary Surfer, shows median annual incomes two years before, two years after, and five years after students completed a program—a … Continue reading

Data Reveal a Rise in College Degrees Among Americans

The number of Americans graduating from college has surged in recent years, sending the share with a college degree to a new high, federal data shows. The surge follows more than two decades of slow growth in college completion, which caused the United States to fall behind other countries and led politicians from both parties, … Continue reading

Innovative Strategies to Raise Completion Rates

Growing up in a trailer park in Florida with a father in prison and a mother who was a high school dropout, Dawn Ginnetti never considered going to college. In fact, she barely made it through high school. Today, after a few setbacks along the way, Ginnetti, 36, is an honor student at the elite Smith … Continue reading

Half of New College Grads Jobless or Underemployed

Think it’s hard out there for new college graduates? Well, it’s even tougher than you think. According to a new analysis of U.S. data by the Associated Press, half of America’s newly minted grads are jobless or underemployed — the highest rate in more than a decade. Already part of a generation saddled with a cumulative $1 … Continue reading

Community College in Florida Admits to Graduating Students Without Required Courses

Officials at Edison State College, in southwestern Florida, admitted on Thursday to awarding degrees to students who had failed to complete required courses in order to raise the college’s graduation rate, according to a local newspaper, the News-Press. The disclosure, which could lead to trouble with the college’s regional accreditor, came after the paper obtained documents through an open-records … Continue reading

News on Community College Graduates and Programs

Graduation Goal May Be Out of Reach American will be first in the world in college graduates by 2020, said President Obama two years ago in a speech at Macomb Community College near Detroit. Few believe the president’s 2020 graduation goals will be met, according to the Hechinger Report. The American Graduation Initiative never received the $12 billion … Continue reading

The Undereducated American

A new study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce confirms that over the past 30 years, the demand for college-educated workers has outpaced supply, resulting in economic output below potential and growing income inequality. The current recession and grudging recovery, however, hides the fact that we are underproducing college graduates. “The data are … Continue reading