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Why Colleges Don’t Want to Be Judged by Their Graduation Rates

This fall, President Obama will release a college-rating system that is likely to include graduation rates as a key measure of institutional success. That worries colleges, which have long complained that the official government figures leave out many successful graduates. The federal rate counts only first-time, full-time students who graduate within a certain time frame. … Continue reading

Can Universities Be Embarrassed Into Raising Graduation Rates?

It was the last day of student government elections at Purdue University, and junior Bobby Hadrix, running for class president, was doing some 11th-hour stumping on the campus oval alongside fervent supporters in bright red matching T-shirts. Although they hadn’t become an issue in the campaign, Purdue’s graduation rates had just been publicly announced for … Continue reading

State-by-State Breakdown of Graduation Rates

According to a new study by the National Student Clearinghouse, the overall six-year completion rate for first-time degree-seeking college students who first enrolled in 2007 was 56.1 percent. Use the interactive … to explore the state-by-state six-year graduation rates for various student demographics across four-year public, four-year private nonprofit, and two-year public institutions. Via The … Continue reading

Education for All? 2-Year Colleges Struggle to Preserve Their Mission

The open-door policy at community colleges is unique in American higher education. It allows all comers—a retired grandmother, an Army veteran, a laid-off machinist—to learn a skill or get a credential. That broad access—the bedrock of the community-college system—has prepared hundreds of millions of people for transfer to four-year colleges or entry into the work … Continue reading