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Contaminated Lunches Kill 22 Children in India

The children complained that the free lunch at their state school — rice, beans, potato curry and soy balls — tasted odd. The cook gave it a taste, too. Within half an hour they all began to suffer severe stomach pains followed by vomiting and diarrhea, and within hours at least 22 of the children … Continue reading

Dropouts Are Driving Up Medicaid Costs

A new study adds further clout to the idea that dropouts are a national problem, not a personal one—because they cost the medical system money. Wealthy people are healthy people, more or less. They have the money to pay for health insurance, and get better medicine, and more frequent treatment. High school dropouts rarely achieve … Continue reading

U.S. Department of Education Awards More Than $27 Million to School Districts, Community Organizations for Physical Education and Nutrition Education

The U.S. Department of Education today awarded 56 grants totaling $27 million to school districts and community organizations who plan to implement comprehensive physical fitness and nutrition programs for their students through the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP). Since the program began in 2001, the department has awarded more than $620 million in … Continue reading

Recess Is Making a Comeback in Schools

As more Chicago public schools cash in on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s longer-day financial incentives by adding 90 minutes to their school day, the previous votes by a dozen schools  to add about a half hour to the day by bringing back recess are going unnoticed. Restoring recess is part of a broader health push by parents, advocacy groups and … Continue reading

Data Privacy, Put to the Test

To the catalog of corporate “bigs” that worry a lot of us little people, add this: Big Data. It was not a good week for those who guard their privacy. First, we learned that Apple and Google have been using our smartphones to collect location data. Then Sony acknowledged that its PlayStation network had been … Continue reading

Higher Education Lowers Blood Pressure, New Research Shows

Education isn’t just good for your brain, it may also be good for your heart. This according to a new study from researchers at Brown University looking at data from the so-called Framingham Offspring Study. The longitudinal study looked at nearly 4,000 participants at seven different physical examinations over the course of 30 years. Using … Continue reading