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3 Tips for Handling Discussions in Online Courses

I’ve been teaching a large online class for the first time this semester, and as the course involves looking at a number of challenge interactive works and games I put a lot of emphasis on discussion forums and critical debate. However, discussion forums of this kind present a lot of potential problems in an online … Continue reading

Overcoming Online Persistence Challenges With The Trojan Café (Part 2)

One of the first ideas that came out of the planning phase was to create student forums that would allow interaction between users. Students were already utilizing Blackboard discussion boards to meet course requirements, therefore the infrastructure was ideal for hosting casual student forums. Forums are moderated by staff and have been a significant attraction … Continue reading

Overcoming Online Persistence Challenges With The Trojan Café (Part 1)

Vincent Tinto’s conceptual “Schema for Dropout from College” correlated academic and social engagement with student success and learning. However, several factors make social engagement more difficult for non-traditional, online students. They don’t have the opportunity to participate in social engagement and institutional extracurricular activities that are afforded to traditional, on-campus students. Consequently, online students often … Continue reading

How Online Education Can Save Our Universities

The wolf at the door of American higher education is online instruction. Traditional residential colleges hear it snuffling at the threshold. They know they are vulnerable. They cannot compete on price. Online is intrinsically cheaper. They compete awkwardly on utility. Online instruction is a more efficient way to convey knowledge and skills in a lot … Continue reading

How My Online Learning Changed My Teaching

I just completed a graduate degree with online coursework, which was a positive experience for me overall. But I do have a confession: Some of the most significant lessons I learned did not come from the course content—but from the experience of being an online student. Camaraderie is Essential During the first couple of courses … Continue reading

Southern States See Changes in Virtual Education

nline learning has undergone a series of significant changes in recent years as it has entered the mainstream of K-12 education, concludes a new report. The Southern Regional Education Board’s latest report about online learning examines the evolution of the region’s state-run virtual schools over the past seven years as well as examining how e-learning … Continue reading

A College Education for All, Free and Online

All around the world, people have been waiting for someone like Shai Reshef to come along. Reshef is the founder and president of the University of the People, a tuition-free online institution that enrolled its first class of students in 2009. UoPeople strives to serve the vast numbers of students who have no access to … Continue reading

Schools Open Doors to Students' Mobile Devices

At Oak Hills High School in suburban Cincinnati, students returned from summer break to learn they were free not only to bring their mobile devices to school, but also to use them—at their teachers’ discretion—to connect to the school’s wireless network to do their work. At Cumberland Valley High near Harrisburg, Pa., district officials have … Continue reading