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They Haven’t Done the Reading. Again.

If you believe the research, on any given day, something like 70 percent of our students come to class having not done the assigned reading. That phenomenon is immensely annoying to most faculty members. Who among us has not faced a classroom full of blank stares, with seemingly no one prepared to answer the well-thought-out … Continue reading

Toward a Common Definition of “Flipped Learning”

We’ve seen a significant ramping up of interest in – and exposure to – the flipped/inverted classroom over the last few years, and it’s been nice to see an uptick in the amount of research being done into its effectiveness. But one thing that’s been lacking has been a consensus on what the flipped classroom … Continue reading

Low-Cost Instructional Changes Can Cut Achievement Gap in Intro Biology

When instructors at the University of Washington redesigned their introductory-biology course in a “highly structured” style, with active-learning exercises, daily quizzes, and weekly online essay assignments, all students’ performance improved, but especially the performance of students whose high-school preparation was weak. The achievement gap between students from advantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds closed by nearly half. … Continue reading