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Billions in Pell Dollars Go to Students Who Never Graduate

A Hechinger Report analysis of Pell grant graduation rate data from a cross section of colleges and universities — which is not otherwise publicly reported anywhere — suggests that billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded Pell grants nationwide go to students who never earn degrees. And while some schools with large numbers of Pell recipients have … Continue reading

Decision 2012: What’s Next for Education?

With a victory over Republican Mitt Romney, President Obama will begin to gear up for a second term that may see both continuity and change in his education policies. In a legislative landscape similar to his first term, Obama again will face a divided Congress as well as fiscal challenges. But the president will need … Continue reading

Pell As a Paycheck

At low-cost colleges — usually community colleges — Pell Grants exceed tuition costs. Recipients get the balance to spend on books, transportation, child care or living expenses. Aid Like a Paycheck, a project by the Institute for College Access and Success and MDRC, is encouraging students to see the extra money as payment for full-time studies. Mt. San Antonio … Continue reading