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Dignity in Retirement Is Not Too Much to Ask

Laurie Fendrich’s November essay in The Chronicle on “The Forever Professors” touched a third rail of academic life that few have dared to approach publicly in the past: Do very senior professors have some sort of duty to retire? A professor emeritus of art and art history at Hofstra University, who herself retired last year … Continue reading

‘Suicide is My Retirement Plan’

Ask Debra Leigh Scott how she plans to make ends meet after her teaching career is over, and her answer is direct. “Suicide,” she says, “is my retirement plan.” Of course, she doesn’t want to kill herself. But there might come a time, she says, when ending her life would be the only “dignified” escape … Continue reading

15 Colleges Receive Grants for Innovation in Helping Faculty Retire

The American Council on Education and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation on Monday awarded $100,000 grants to each of 15 colleges for adopting innovative approaches to helping faculty weather the winter of their careers. The grants will enable each institution to further develop its programs that support professors before, during, and after their transitions to retirement. “We … Continue reading

Why a 401(k) is No Replacement for a Pension

Longtime friends Brenda Brum and Dolores Townsend have a lot in common. They both like antiquing and poking around flea markets. They both care for an elderly parent. They both taught at the same school. And they both avoided a financial debacle that would have forced them to keep working well past retirement age. Brum … Continue reading

Aging Professors Create a Faculty Bottleneck

When Mary Beth Norton went to work at Cornell University in 1971, she was the history department’s first female hire. But now the accomplished professor has a different mark of distinction: She is the oldest American-history scholar at Cornell. “I’ve always thought of myself as the sweet young thing in the department,” Ms. Norton, who … Continue reading

IRS Opens Investigation Into College Retirement Plans

For the second time in three years, the Internal Revenue Service is investigating colleges for possible tax-code violations. Late in April, the agency announced that it would send a questionnaire to a random national sampling of 300 public and private colleges of various sizes across the country to determine how well the institutions are complying with federal … Continue reading